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The Hodariyat Cable Stay Bridge Project Abu Dhabi (UAE)

The Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) have given the construction of a US$1.36 million (Dh500m) 1.221km long bridge to connect the Abu Dhabi Island with the Hodariyat Island to VSL Middle East located in Dubai’ and AST who will in a Joint Venture be the Main contractor on this project. ‘ The bridge’ built in tow construction methods. The approach spans of 440m and 385m built by incremental launching from the abutments with span lenght of up to 55m and a cable stay build main bridge of 396m with a main span length of 200 m built in cantilever mehthod with precast Segments of 3m length, 36m wide and weight up to 194ton. The stay pylons extending 46m above the deck level.
The Main Bridge will give 29m vertical clearance for the 170m wide navigation channel to give enogh room for high shipps or Yachts.
‘The Twin-Piers ’on witch the aproch sit's and the ‘incremental lauch ’ take place, are build also from precast segments and ‘stressed ’ down to the pile-cap wich sit's on piles (????m) driven and placed by AST.‘segmental-span’ this is also a very new method of pier constuction. Only the Main Bridge Piers and the Pylon will be cast in suitu. The‘Pile cap ’. sits in shells also prefabicated. This shelles function as a formwork the pilecap and lifted and placed with a barge crane on the piles.
Temporary Sliding-Berings will set on top of the pier-head witch will suport the aproch span during the forward launch and will be later replaced by permanent ‘bridge bearings.’ The incremental launch will be pulled by special VSL heavy ‘lifting strand jacks’ and have to pull at the end when the aproch reach the last pier nearly 3000tons on a 4% slope.
The Main Stay Cable bridge is will be build with precast Segments in the ‘Match Cast’ method. For this we assembled 2 sort-line Moulds where we will pour 133 No. of those 36m x 3m x 2,9m box segments. The 14m wide wing is suported by a strut. Those struts are also precasted. Every 2th Segment is a Stay-Segment and have anchor for the Stay Cables. On this Project we will use the VSL developet VSL SSI 2000 saddle system ‘twin’, ‘launcher ’.
All activity related to the ‘Bridge Erection’ is carried out above the water. All assembling, delivery of the segments and material has to be organized using barges, barge-crane and not forgetting the tide. Also the weather plays a big role here because ‘in the UAE it is very hot some times’ ... be continued

Created on ... June 26, 2010
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