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You have searched for Launching-Gantry / Launching-Girder & Heavy-Lifting Supervisors and / or Operators, or do you just like to discover some amazing pictures about highway & bridge construction?

However, I am very pleased that you have visited this page and hope that you take a little time so I can introduce myself and my field of activity to you and inform you about:

‘How I became a Launching Gantry Operator’

...in the meeting with the construction manager, I mentioned that I had never operated a ‘Launching Girder' machine like this. He told me that he knew exactly what I did before, what kind of experience I had, and that he thought that I was the right guy for the job...
read more about my development

Erection Machine on Pylon 1 at the Wadi-Abloun-Stay-Cable-Bridge in Jordan / Amman

Deal Launching Gantry, Shenzhen Western Corridor Project Hong Kong

‘My present engagement’

Still for VSLSwitzerland Special Project International LTD.’ and still in the United Arab Emirates, I work now in Abu Dhabi on the first Cable Stay Bridge in the UAE, - the Hodariyat Bridge Project. After completion of the Metro project in Dubai, VSL-ME Dubai Branch offered me a possiton at the ‘'first time Main Conractor Project' the
Hodariyat Stay Cable Bridge Project
in Abu Dhabi (UAE).
The Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) have given the construction of a US$50 million (Dh183.6m) 1.3 km long bridge to connect the Abu Dhabi Island with the Hodariyat Island... more about my new challenge

Owner: Tourism Development & Investment Company
Design/Build Main Contractor: Overseas AST / VSL Joint Venture
Bridge Design Consultant: International Bridge Technologies, Inc.

‘The Dubai Metro Rapid Link Project in the United Arab Emirates’

From October 2004 to November 2009 I worked in Dubai (UAE) on the Dubai Metro Project for ‘VSL Switzerland LTD Special Project Department (CEME)’ After completion of the project in Hongkong, VSL tranferd me to the Special Project Department (CEME) in Switzerland who send me first to Jordan/Amman and than to Tunisia/Tunis as Technical Advisor and now to Dubai (UAE) whre I worked as General Senior Superintendent in charge.
see the amazing fotos in a collage (45MB!)
read more about the Dubai Metro Rapid Link Project

‘North Africa & Middle East’

VSL brought me to Tunis to work on the La-Goulette Stay-Cable Bridge Project Tunis and advise and assist the sub-contractor Sumatra Tunisia and main-contractor the Japanese construction company Taisei to assemble and lift the Pier-Table Steel-Structure and formwork. I was responsible for the assembling and lifting the Pier-Table Steel-Struckture and Formwork, the Heavy-Lifting and Stressing of the Hinge-Brackets that support the Pier-Table Struckture and Formwork. Have a look at a short AVI Vidio -- (only for high speed conections)

Before that I worked in Jordan/Amman on the Wadi-Abdoun-Bridge, a Stay Cable Bridge in free balanced cantilever segmental building for ‘VSL Switzerland LTD Special Project Department’ who sent me to the project as a Technical-Advisor to assist the Main-Contractor Larsen & Tubro an Indian construction Company who faces serious problems in the segment erection and the launching of the erection machine.
This bridge across the Abdoun valley is 390 metres long and the deck is 41 metres above the ground. Highway alignment dictates that the bridge is on a reverse curve. The deck girder of the bridge is designed to be built with glued, match cast, precast concrete deck segments using a balanced cantilever construction technique.
The deck is supported primarily by cable stays anchored to 3 reinforced concrete Y-shaped towers located on either side of the deck, and extending 26 metres above the deck. The prestressing of the girders is by internally bonded prestressing cables. Prestressing is provided both longitudinally and transversely.

‘From Hong Kong to China’

Here with VSL Construction Hong Kong on the ‘Shenzhen Western Corridor ’ we build the ‘Deep Bay Highway Link’ and the ‘Shenzhen Western Corridor Bridge’. I operated and supervised one of the largest ‘Launching Gantries’ in the world. It is 184.4 metres long, equipped with two winches to lift segments up to 128 tons. We assembled ‘balanced cantilever’ spans of 75m between piers. For end-spans the launcher was built to take a weight of approximately 900 tons, and able to hang 9 segments with special stress-bars...
read more about my previous job

take a look at

construction pictures



‘Resume - Launching Gantry / Heavy Lifting Supervisor’

...Since 1997 I am working as a ‘Launching Girder Operator’. First for ‘Bilfinger & Berger International’ in Bangkok (Thailand) on the ‘Bang Na - Bang Pakon Expressway Project’ where I assembled, erected and operated ‘Launching Gantries’ and was responsible for the erecting and placing of the segments for Spans up to 1300 tons and 43.20m long, stressing of the spans, installing and grouting bearings and supervising heavy crane lifts. Originally I was a ‘Heavy Lift Crane Operator’ and ‘Heavy-Transport’ supervisor since 1987, and previously worked for the international British Company ‘Grayston White & Sparrow (U.K.)’ in Thailand Rayong. My responsibilities there were rigging, operating and supervision for a 400 ton Mobile Crane, 300 ton Crawler Crane and I was the second operator for a 1300 ton ‘Lattice-boom-Crane’...
read more about my professional background

‘Stay in Korea’

In June 2001, just after I started with ‘H.B.P. JV (Hoch Tief Construction International)’, I was sent to Korea to receive training and get some experience on the ‘High Speed Rail Project Korea’ constructed by Ingerop & Daewoo. After my time there, the construction manager asked me to write a article about the project.
here you can read what I wrote for the company newspaper published in Korea...

If you don't have a high speed internet connection, you can also see all the pictures of job-sites in small size as Dia-Show.
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Second Bridge over the Panama Canal

‘Flash Animation’

Would you like to see a ‘Launching Gantry’ at work?
Check out a Flash Kinematic
of a ‘Launching Gantry’ which is able to place ‘920 ton heavy Box-Girder’ on the High Speed Rail Project Taiwan.
Here is another system that was built by Deal and used at the VSL contract at the Taiwan Hight Speed Rail Project.
Check out another Flash Kinematic
Placing 920to. Box_Girder, High Speed Rail Project Taiwan

'Puente Centenario' or 'Segundo Puente Sobre El Canal ( Second Bridge over the Panama Canal )'

About 42 years Panama had only one road crossing point over the Canal , the ‘Puente de las Americas (Bridge of the Americans)’...
On Sunday, 15.08.2004, the national holiday of the state of Panama, the second bridge across the Panama Canal has been opened. The second bridge is located 15km north of the ‘Puente de las Americas’, 22km from Panama City and will take 50% off the traffic from the old bridge...

Build by ‘Bilfinger & Berger / Baulderstone Hornibrook Joint Venture’ who employed me as ‘Site-Supervisor for heavy lifting’ I had the pleasure to work on this project...
read about the project and the canal

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