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Flash Kinematic - 920to. Launching Gantry - HBP JV Taiwan

Here you see how the Launching Gantry (manufacture by Paulo de Nicola) runes.
This is of course a simplification of the real working of this self launch machine.

Map of Taiwan

Map of High-Speed-Rail Taiwan

The Taiwan-High-Speed-Rail Project

This method of placing 35 metre long and 920 ton precast Box-Girders was used on the ‘High-Speed-Rail Project’ in Taiwan. The Box-Girders were cast in our precast yard than lifted with a ‘Gantry Crane’ onto a special carrier ( a so called Tyre Trolley ), delivered to the Launcher and placed on special specification earthquake resistant bearings. All related work around the ‘Launching Gantry’ from lifting on to the ‘Tyre Trolley’, delivery to the ‘Launching Gantry’ and placing, installing and grouting of the bearings, was under my supervision and responsibility. We were able to place two Girders in one day. The ‘Taiwan-High-Speed-Rail Project’, with a length of 345km from Taipei to Kaohisung now connects 14 cities and 77 towns. The HBP JV built one section of the line with a total length of 40km Lot C250 in Taichung, where we placed 909 Box-Girder (28km) with two ‘Launching Gantry Machines’.

Here is another system that was built by Deal and used at the VSL contract Lot at the Taiwan Hight Speed Rail Project. Check out another Flash Kinematic

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