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Korea High Speed Rail Project

Korea is currently completing one of this century's most ambitious projects. In 1998, project manager and supervisor Hwaang Nan-Yeon and his colleagues Kim Dao Gyun,Kim Sang-Yin, Jang, and Won-Tae started one of the largest building projects in Asia.
Over a distance of 412km, they are completing a high speed railway track which will connect the cities of Seoul and Pusan. Under the supervision of the company Ingerop, the later and Daewoo are working in close collaboration. They are completing this gigantic distance project with the help of huge, highly complicated machines, step by step. With the Launching Gantry C-600 (P.D.N.), they join 25m long segments which are situated on piers. Each of these segments (box girders) weighs 600 tons. Daewoo is responsible for the LOT 8-2 section that is 16,948 meters in length. Daewoo is constructing it in the area of Kimcheon.
The plan is to complete a line which encompasses a section of 6275m on piers, a section of 2160m through tunnels, another one of 4838m on embankments and another one of 1760m on bridges of steel and concrete. Most of the work has already been successfully completed. Up to now, the company completed a 2275m line (PSM box girders) on piers, a 1994m line through tunnels, 3383m on embankments and 1760m of the steel and concrete bridges. It is expected that the experts' immense experience, under the supervision of Hwaang Nak-Yeon, will contribute to the successful and on time completion of this great project. It has a contract of $184,000,000.
However, others will gain from this experience as well. The joint venture enterprise J.V.H.B.P. Taiwan consists out of the German company Hoch-Tief AG, and the companies Ballast Nedam, and Pan Asia. They plan to complete a similar project in Taiwan. J.V.H.B.P. sent two of their supervisors---the side engineers for launching and heavy lifting, John Forster from Australia, and Uwe Baier from Germany, to Korea. They are supposed to be professionally trained by the Daewoo engineers Kim Do Gyun and Kim Sang Jin as well as by P.S.M. equipment supervisor Guido Pagunussat. This training visit sets a great example for the collaboration of large companies such as Daewoo, Interop and J.V.H.B.P. Taiwan and occurs in a cooperative and friendly atmosphere.
Thus, Uwe Baier enthusiastically notes: "Without the generous and highly competent support of Mr. Hawaang Nak-Yeon, Kim Do Gyun and Mr. Kim Sang-Jin we might discover some of the problems too late. It is a great help to be able to be here and to be able to get in touch with all the details of such a project."
Even after completion of this project, these companies will keep collaborating with each other. Daewoo will maybe produce the steel bridges for the building project in Taiwan and will also share the successful completion of that project.
(By Uwe Baier)

Work Scope

Total length of Project Lot 8-2 16.948m (Bongsan, Kimcheon - Woonkok, Kimchoen)
Earth Work 4.838m (11Areas) finished 3386m
Tunnel 2160m (2Areas) finished 1994m
Box-Girder-Truss-Bridges (PSM) 6275m finished 2275m
Concret Bridges(MSS) 720m finished 440m
Concret Bridges (Rahman) 850 finished 850m
Concret Bridges (FSM) 600m finished 220m
Steel Bridges (Composite) 585m finished 250m
Steel Bridges (Arch) 125m finished 0
Steel Bridges (Truss) 65m finished 0

Created on ... March 25, 2005