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my most used links in the web

Google Web-Search
English-Deutsch Dictionary
NES Overseas  ...Jobs

Link GFI  ...About construction and news in Bangkok

ARC Windows and Doors
The Weather Canel
Asia Jobs

Wind Force Scale
Huskys  ...German
Bangkok Post
Ko Chang Marine National Park Thailand  ...Here you can do great holidays
Hong Kong Info
Babelfish Translation  ...Funny translations
Best of RHF: Usenet and Internet Comedy  ...These Sites are only for people highly familiar with USENET
computer networking and/or the UNIX operating system. If you don't know about these, forget it. Your only
reaction will be, "Huh?" Some of the jokes will be funny to those with a general knowledge of computer networking.

Postfix for Outlook Express  ...For all who like to send e-mails in the standard.
HTML-Einführung  ...German
Alles für die erste eigene Internetseite  ...German
SELFHTML  ...German
Zippo   ...Do you need a lighter
Zippo Collectors  ...This Zippos can become a habit

 Created on ... February 26, 2005