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At the moment I work in Tunisia for VSL Switzerland LTD Special Project Department’
After completion of the project in Hongkong, VSL tranferd me to the Special Project Department in Switzerland who send me first to Jordan/Amman and than to Tunisia/Tunis as Technical Advisor.

Here in Tunis I work on the La-Goulette Stay-Cable Bridge Project Tunis were I will stay for approximate 4 month to advise and assist the sub-contractor Sumatra Tunisia and main-contractor the Japanese construction company Taisei to assemble and lift the Pier-Table Steel-Structure and formwork before to go to Dubai to work again as ‘Launching Gantry / Launching Girder Supervisor’ on the new Dubai Metro Light-Rail-Train (LRT) Project, also for ‘VSL Switzerland LTD Special Project Department’.
Here I'm responsible for the manufacturing assembling and lifting up the Pier-Table Steel-Struckture and Formwork, Heavy-Lifting and Stressing of the Hinge-Brackets that support the Pier-Brackets and Formwork.

Before that I worked in Jordan/Amman on the Wadi-Abdoun-Bridge, a Stay Cable Bridge in free balanced cantilever segmental building for ‘VSL Switzerland LTD Special Project Department’ who sent me to the project as a Technical-Advisor to assist the Main-Contractor Larsen & Tubro an Indian construction Company who faces serious problems in the segment erection and the launching of the erection machine.

My responsibility here is the safely erection and work-quality of the precast box segments and launching process of the self launching machine and to coordinate and improve the progress of these activities, and train and advise the Supervisors and labors on Site.

The Bridge is a 3 pylon box girder stay-cable construction were one field of the bridge deck is with stay-cable and is split in 6 segments were the outer segments are glued and stressed together and the middle segments are stitched-casted. The bridge is 390 m long the highest bridge pylon is 71 m and the span width from the middle to the outer pylons are 132 m the segment weight is 50 and 15 ton.

I came from Hong Kong, where I am employed as a ‘Launching Gantry / Launching Girder Supervisor’ by the international construction company ‘VSL Ltd. Hong Kong’ and I am working on the ‘Shenzhen Western Corridor Project’ (a 3.5 Km Highway from Hong Kong to mainland China over Deep Bay separating Hong Kong from China). I am supervising and operating a 172m long ‘Overhead Launching Gantry’ from ‘Deal’ and erecting 22 120 ton segments in ‘balanced cantilever’ construction and build T-spans up to 75 m long.
Assembling ,erecting, supervision and operating the Launching Gantry, supervision of installing bearings, grouting, PT-stressing, the heavy lifts on the marine-site are a few of my duties here. My team that I lead here consists of more than 40 workers from Nepal and Hong Kong and two engineers.

I am working with ’VSL’ in Hong Kong since August 2004, after completion of my duties with ’Bilfinger & Berger International’ in Panama on the ’Second-Bridge-over-the-Panama-Canal Project’ where I worked from January 2004, as ’General-Site-Supervisor’ on an ’Approach Span Viaduct System’ (ASV). There I was responsible for all activities related to the movable Steel-Formwork-System, specially for the erection of the ’Steel-Truss’ and Formwork and the lifting and lowering of the 470 ton ASV-System with ’Special Hydraulic-Jacks’, installing bearings and supervison of ’heavy lifting’.

Before that I am working on the ‘H.B.P. High Speed Rail Project Taiwan’ Lot C250 Site 1 for the German construction company ‘Hochtief International AG’ from June 2001 to December 2003. The ‘Taiwanese High Speed Rail Project’ is currently the largest infrastructure project of its kind in the world. Here I was employed as Site Engineer for ‘Launching Gantry’ and ‘Heavy-Lifting and Placing’.
I led a team of 6 local engineers and up to 40 workers.

Since 1997 I have been working as a ‘Launching Girder Operator’. First for ‘Bilfinger & Berger International’ in Bangkok (Thailand) on the ‘Bang Na - Bang Pakon Expressway Project’ where I assembled, erected and operated Launching Gantries and was responsible for the erecting and placing of the segments for Spans up to 1300 tons and 43.2 metres long, stressing of the spans, installing and grouting bearings and ‘heavy crane lifts’.

Originally I’m a ‘Heavy Lift Crane Operator’ and ‘Heavy-Transport’ supervisor since 1987 and my last job was for the international British Company ‘Grayston White & Sparrow (U.K.)’ in Thailand Rayong.

My responsibility there was rigging, operating, supervision for a ‘400 ton Mobile Crane, 300 ton Crawler Crane’ and I was the second operator for a ‘1300 ton Lattice-boom-Crane’. I was also in charge of some heavy transporters.

I’m well experienced with high pressure ‘Hydraulic-Jacking-Systems’ and ‘Power-Packs’ especially for ‘heavy lifting’, as well as in installing any kind of bearings, grouting and PT-stressing. Concrete, casting and rebar fabrication are also not unfamiliar to me.

I am able to speak Thai as well as English.

If you and/or your company is interested in a highly motivated and well experienced ‘Launching Gantry’ and ‘Heavy Lifting’ Specialist, then I would be pleased to give you the the benefit of my experience, so that your team can benefit from my technical experience.

Please contact me: mailto:

I am also open to every new prospect or project, that includes in the broadest sense familiarity with mechanical, construction or manufacturing and I am also interested in completley new fields. fields.

If either you or your company is interested, I will attach my C.V. and Reference Letters as Microsoft-Office-Documents and send them to you by e-mail.

I hope to hear from you soon and to work together in the future.

Best regards,
Uwe Baier

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